Wednesday, March 16, 2011

craziest dream EVER!!!!

hey hey hey i want to tell you a crazy dream ok one time i was in jurassic park 3 and when they saw the spinasouras rex i was in the back of the truck and i got eaten and went in a belly of a whale with jonah from jonah in the whale and he got out in 3 days and i stayed for a whole year then i got shot out and landed on a pirate ship and my leg got cut off from a sword and then i sat in a cannon and got shot up in the air and got eaten by a territactole and that's my dream hope you like it ;):)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A new holiday is coming!!!

Hello the new holiday that is coming is Avocado Day! It's annual holiday made by Cline mountains...just kidding I made up the holiday you grab an avocado and use potato man parts(if you have any then just be creative) and name the avocado then if it rotes just throw it away and sing the Avocado Day song which goes like "OOOOOHHH the avocado is great and greeeeennn and it's made as guacamoleeeee the avocado the avocado and have a great year da" that's the song happy st. Pat's day :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

this or that

my friend johnny he likes this video called need for speed shift better then call of duty black ops and another friend called jack its the other way around so who is wrong and who is right. I want to tell you  about my sister sierra she's 7 years old and she has a phone not a pre paid a phone phone and she is super duper ouper looper cooper annoyingshe puts make up on every minute! also she is really REALLY mean and this is my first blog so i hope you like it.:) ;)